Quilt National ’15

(July 1 to October 10)

The Dairy Barn Art Center’s 19th biennial juried exhibition of innovative art quilts in Athens, Ohio, makes its debut in Fargo-Moorhead, showcasing an eclectic collection of work from fiber artists representing 33 states and 8 foreign countries. The impressive quilts stand on their own as a gorgeous art exhibition of color, shape, and texture. However, they also stand as a cultural statement. As one of the jurors, Judy Schwender, notes, the exhibition was constructed in part to “prove to the larger world out there that quilting is an art form on a level with traditional fine art mediums.” By all early accounts, she’s right.

Like “Head 7” (pictured above) or “Grandma Maude” (pictured left) or “Peering Out of the Darkness” (pictured below), three of our favorite quilts from the exhibition, each of these pieces tells a personal story or examines a significant issue or, like all art, captures a specific cultural moment. With quilts, however, a medium that has often been relegated in the world of art criticism, the textures and details of each cut, stitch, and thread stand out like more popular media cannot. The designs are intricate and the colors are bold, and the gorgeous art of each piece is perhaps only rivaled by its own utility. In our efforts to capture some of our own community’s culture, where quilting has been so thoroughly stitched into our traditions, we are tremendously excited to bring you Quilt National ’15.

For more information, visit the Quilters’ Guild of North Dakota or The Dairy Barn.

The public reception for the exhibition will be held Tuesday, July 18, from 5:00PM to 7:00PM at the Hjemkomst Center.

A meet-the-artist reception will be held for visitors interested in meeting Quilt National ’15 textile artist Velda Newman (Nevada City, CA) on Thursday, September 21, from 3:00PM to 5:00PM at the Hjemkomst Center. Velda will also be offering an evening lecture and workshops (see QGND).

The receptions are free and open to the public.