HCSCC Annual Meeting: Tree Top Revisited

On Thursday, May 4 (6:00PM to 9:30PM), HCSCC will be holding its annual meeting at the Hjemkomst Center with a theme celebrating a piece of Moorhead’s dining past and highlighting our own Rex Cafe chef Kelly Wambach’s culinary history: Tree Top Revisited. As the former executive chef of the Tree Top, which once overlooked the Red River from Center Avenue, Kelly’s excited to indulge in our local history, and everyone else here at HCSCC is excited to enjoy the results.

In addition to serving Tree Top favorites like the Chicken Oscar and Bourbon Pork Fettuccini (along with potatoes au gratin, a vegetable duet, Caesar salad, and cherries jubilee), we’ll be electing board members, presenting the Clay County Heritage Award to the Bergquist and Comstock families for their ongoing efforts to preserve Clay County history, and listening to Dr. Paul Harris’s history, “Solomon Comstock: Gilded Age Politician.”

We’ll also have piano tunes from Helen Olson throughout dinner, a cash bar all night (including a Tree Top throwback: the piano bar), and a full evening of celebrating local history at the Hjemkomst Center.

Just like the Tree Top, however, you MUST have reservations; so please RSVP with your payment no later than Thursday, April 20. Tickets for this year’s meeting are $20 (members) or $25 (non-members).

Contact our new HCSCC Administrative Assistant Lynelle Martin by phone at (218) 299-5511, ext 6739, or email at lynelle.martin@hcsmuseum.org; or RSVP here to reserve your seats!