Green Card Voices

Green Card Voices
3rd Floor Gallery | ends November 20


Green Card Voicesa multimedia storytelling project, was born from the idea that the broad narrative of current immigrants should be communicated in a way true to each immigrant’s story; and Green Card Voices seeks to create spaces for those stories online, in print, and now in exhibition.

In 2013, Green Card Voices produced its first touring photo exhibit “Immigrants Telling Their Life Stories” as part of its mission to share immigrant stories with as many people possible. The exhibit featuring 20 Twin Cities’ immigrants has traveled to over 35 locations and spawned several other exhibitions highlighting the stories of immigrants throughout the Midwest.

At the Hjemkomst Center, we’re hosting stories from Fargo residents in an exhibition that includes portraits of local immigrants, their 200-word bio, a quote, and a QR Code (viewers can scan them with iphone/ipad and watch the first-person video story). Find the exhibition in the 3rd Floor Gallery through Pangea.