Wet and Dry: Alcohol in Clay County 1871-1937
Wet and Dry exhibit logo
Through January 8, 2018

Our newest exhibit explores the spirited debates around the morality of alcohol, from our Wild West birth through the end of Prohibition, encompassing three major periods: Settlement (1871-1890), the Saloon Era (1890-1915) and Prohibition (1915-1937).

FMVA Constraint Show: Touchable
Through October 31, 2016FMVA CONSTRAINT 2016_website

Presented in conjunction with Child in a Strange Country, this collection of artwork from the Fargo-Moorhead Visual Artists (FMVA) seeks to engage audiences through more senses than sight (i.e. “touch”). Not only does Touchable showcase the special talent of our local artists, it invites visitors to reconceptualize art appreciation, and to think about the intersections of aesthetics and accessibility.

Child in a Strange Country: Helen Keller and the History of Educating the Blind and Visually Impaired
Through November 1, 2016Child in a Strange Country_Promo Pic_Exhibit Title

This traveling exhibit from the Museum of the American Printing House for the Blind uses the remarkable life of Helen Keller to examine the role of sight in language, knowledge, and education. Using tactile texts, replicas, historical artifacts, sound, and text (including Braille), Child in a Strange Country offers a fascinating history of an often-overlooked component of contemporary education.